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Providing high quality Physiotherapy care for Guernsey

Tel:  07781  159721

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I make an appointment?

Please give us a call on 07781 159721 or complete the form on our contact us page for us to arrange a suitable appointment time for you.

How much will Physiotherapy cost?

The current charges are:

60 minute new patient appointment £100.00

45 minute follow up appointment £60.00

Pre-event k-tape/strapping £15.00.

Letter / Report writing £15.00

Are you recognised by insurance companies?

We are recognised by most of the major healthcare insurance providers but we would advise anyone seeking to use medical insurance to check with your insurance company first to obtain authorisation and to discuss this with us at the time of booking your appointment.  Also please ask your insurance company for conditions of your policy as we cannot be held responsible for any non-payment of claims or shortfall of treatment fees. We do charge a small administration fee for payment through private healthcare insurance policies.

How do I pay?

Payments can be made with cash or cheque. For Medical Insurance Companies please check your policy and inform us at the time of booking. Any excess due will need to be settled with us at the end of your treatment session.

What will happen at my first appointment?

Your new assessment will last up to 60 minutes. You will initially be asked to complete a patient details form which includes an emergency contact number and your GP’s details.  We will ask you a serious of questions to understand your symptoms and your goals. We will ask you about your past medical history and any medication you may be taking.  Following this we will then have a look at you move and work with you to identify the cause of your problem. This may involve looking at several different structures and investigating them to understand what is causing your problem. We will then discuss with you the best treatment for your condition and will aim to treat you towards the end of the session. It is really important that we have a good thorough understanding of your problem to help treat your symptoms.

Sometimes someone may present with symptoms that need further investigations  e.g. you may need to see your GP who may need to organise blood tests or an certain type of scan for example an MRI scan or Nerve Conduction Study. We will write to or telephone your GP, with your consent, to discuss with them our findings. We will also be honest with you and inform you if we do not feel Physiotherapy can help.

What might my treatment consist of?

Treatment may consist of manual therapy, soft tissue therapy, nerve mobilisation, corrective exercises, K-taping and fixed taping. Your treatment will be based upon the outcome of your physical assessment.  We are likely to suggest some things you can do at home to help you to manage and improve your symptoms. We encourage active participation in your rehabilitation to prevent recurrence of your problem.

Some people can feel sore after their treatment but if you are worried please contact us.

What should I wear?

We will need to ask you to undress to enable us to see the area which is painful for you. We would suggest loose fitting clothing and suitable underwear or shorts. Ladies may feel more comfortable wearing a vest top. Please bring your trainers for any lower limb sports related problems.

Chaperone / Minors

We would ask anyone under the age of 18 to attend with a parent or guardian for their appointment. We will have the right to decline intervention if you attend on your own.

If you feel anxious about attending Physiotherapy you may prefer to bring someone with you.

Do I need a GP referral?

You do not need a GP referral if you elect to pay privately. However if you are wishing to use your private healthcare insurance you will need to check with your provider prior to making an appointment as they may require a GP referral. Please inform us at the time of booking.

Should I bring any scans / x-ray results to my appointment?

Yes this would be extremely helpful to enable us to have a look and assist us in formulating our treatment for you.


Please let us know at the time of booking your appointment if you have a pacemaker fitted.

Cancellation Procedure

Please allow 24hrs notice for cancellations. This is so we can offer your appointment to someone else. Failure to do so will incur charges.