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Providing high quality Physiotherapy care for Guernsey

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Physiotherapists work with people to help them to regain their function and movement after they have been affected by injury, illness or disability. They are autonomous holistic practitioners who will look at your case as a functional whole and identify and discuss with you your problems before agreeing an appropriate treatment plan.

Musculoskeletal (muscle, joint, bone and soft tissues) Physiotherapists have training in a broad spectrum of manual therapy techniques from spinal mobilisations to manipulations and from massage to deep trigger point release. We identify the root cause of your problems by taking a detailed clinical history prior to watching you move. After your assessment we discuss with you what we feel is the most appropriate treatment.

We are fortunate to have so many treatment techniques at our finger tips to use with our clients. For some people we may need to mobilise their joints, for others we may need to release the muscles that have become tight. Other clients may need a mixture of treatments alongside corrective exercises to re-engage their muscles to support the affected area. Each case is different.

Physiotherapists have extensive training in Musculoskeletal Medicine, Orthopaedics, Neurology, Respiratory, Paediatrics, Elderly Care, Bariatric Management.....the list is endless. This broad spectrum of exposure to clinical cases enables us to look in depth at your problems and work together with you to improve your symptoms.

Physiotherapy can help you with many problems. It is impossible to list all of the complaints that it can help with but here are a few categories:

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